Boehmer / Hotel X Wedding

August 10, 2019

In the year prior to taking their own vows, Taylor and Josh — a Toronto-based couple who’d met at a friend’s cottage weekend — had attended 13 weddings together. Going into their own planning, they knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want.

“We just wanted to host the wedding at a venue that was cozy and comfortable — which why we leaned towards having it at a restaurant. We’re more laid back and wanted it to be a really relaxed hang-out kind of vibe — like one big cocktail hour.”

Having had their first date at Queen West’s Pizza Libretto, the couple paid tribute their big-city love story by choosing Ossington restaurant Boehmer as their ceremony and reception venue and Hotel X’s (with its sky-scraping balcony) as their first-look location.

“When we got back to Boehmer — walking down the aisle, seeing Josh, and him seeing me — that was a special moment for both of us. We had chosen one of our favourite songs — Here Comes the Sun — and I’m so glad that we did.”

“I remember how nervous I was waiting in the back room before it was time… but that song just put a permanent smile on my face and I could not have been happier walking down the aisle to Josh! As soon as we were close enough to lock eyes… it was an amazing feeling that’s impossible to really describe or put into words.”