Stunning Caribbean Villa Wedding in St Maarten

January 5, 2021

On a stunning day even by St. Maarten standards, Sarah and Marrico — passionate travellers and complete romantics — exchanged heartfelt vows in front of the sparkling Caribbean sea. The morning had been slow and breezy, with guests lounging in and by the infinity pool of the expansive Terres Basses villa before getting into their vibrant best for the ceremony.  The spectacular property had been a communal home and playground for the couple’s closest friends and family for the week leading up this big day, and when it was finally time for the bride to walk down the aisle, the smiling and sun-kissed guests didn’t have far to travel.

The exquisite ceremony that followed gave way to a lively cocktail hour, as the bride and groom slipped away for intimate sunset portraits before a plated dinner featuring their favourite foods and favourite people. Amid the speeches and cheers was a surprise performance by a friend — a professional opera singer whose solo formed a magical centerpiece to an already magical evening.

And then, of course, came the dancing. With Sarah and Marrico opening the floor with a dance to Conrad Sewell’s Firestone (Acoustic) surrounded by sparklers, the villa proceeded to explode into an all-night, uninhibited dance party that bounced and shook until dawn.

When I asked afterwards if there was anything they would have changed about the day they both answered: “Nothing at all. it was the best day of our lives.” I didn’t doubt them for a second.