There’s Magic in Your Wedding’s Moments-in-Between

January 20, 2021

On your wedding day, you’ll have plenty of occasions to be upright, well-postured, well-groomed, well-intentioned and well… perfect.

But, just as in life, your ‘perfect’ moments will give way to a few gorgeous and unplanned moments in between. Things break, rain pours, babies wail, hairs fly out of place — and it can those very instances, when the calm gives way to happy chaos, that result in the most memorable and moving photos of your day.

When you hire a wedding photographer who sees the magic in all of your wedding’s moments — and chooses not to put down the camera when life gets in the way of a well-polished plan — you automatically benefit from the following:

An honest, emotional and joy-filled retelling of your day

The ultimate pleasure of not always having to be ‘on’

A wedding day is inherently stressful — and having to constantly remind yourself to smile, look at the camera and to look your best is an actual added chore. The truth is, when people are given the permission to relax, to have fun, and to truly enjoy themselves — that’s when a photographer is able to capture them at their absolute most uninhibited best.

Images that are anything but ordinary

Every wedding is unique and special, and your images should be as well. A photographer who is adept a spotting unique and beautiful moments-in-between will add exceptional colour and variety to your wedding gallery, and delivery the shots that you’re most likely to frame.

Here are a few more examples of beautifully imperfect moments-in-between: