Why a Solo Wedding Photographer Might be the Best Choice for your Day

January 21, 2021

It’s a question I’m asked often — and one that is important to consider when on the lookout for your ideal wedding photographer —  should you hire a solo photographer or a multi-person photography team?

While many clients assume that ‘more is better’ when it comes to documenting a wedding day, there are several key advantages to hiring a solo wedding photographer for this important occasion.

Let’s explore:

A candid style is much easier to accomplish

Successful candid photography depends on the photographer’s ability to be stealthy and deliberate in their movements, actions and shooting style. When multiple shooters are involved in any documentary process, shooting from different angles and setting up shots, it can easily detract from the subject’s ability to be natural and ‘in the moment’.

It’s especially important that on a your wedding day, you’re able to concentrate on your partner, on your family and friends and to savour each moment as it comes. Hiring a solo photographer can be an important step towards allowing the day to be documented as it naturally (and beautifully!) unfolds.

The process is highly personalized

It goes without saying that no two weddings are the same! There is no story quite like yours, no love like yours, no people quite like you… I could go on and on.

When you join forces with a solo photographer, you are guaranteed their undivided attention and will benefit from a final product that is uncompromising in its style and quality.

Photography companies — while well-intentioned — will often take a ‘rinse and repeat’ approach to their wedding delivery. They will pair the couple with whomever from their team is available on that particular date and insist that their team check off the same generic list of photos per wedding event — an efficient approach yes, but a deeply impersonal one.

Solo wedding photography allows for the couple to become close to their photographeer and vice versa — they will be able to fully understand and trust that their vision for the day will be uniquely represented.

Solo photographers get the job done

At this point you may be saying, “Liz, I like the idea of a solo wedding photographer, but I just don’t think the wedding I envision could be captured by a solitary shooter.”

No problem!

There are absolutely going to be times when a wedding might require a photography team. Larger scale gatherings with 300+ invitees would be one such example. In these cases, independent photographers (such as myself) will likely have a handful of talented photographers they can call upon to act as second photographers on your wedding day.

That said, remember that if your solo wedding photographer is well-established in the wedding industry, they will be more than able to capture every important moment of the day on their own and will have figured out ways to ‘be in 11 places at once’. Believe me, it’s our magical power!

An example? I am often asked how, as a solo photographer — “how do you capture us both getting ready for the wedding day if we’re doing so in separate locations?” Great question! Because this arrangement is very typical of a wedding day, I’ve developed a suggested itinerary for the day’s beginning that has consistently allowed me to shoot both partners as they get gussied up for the day. I’d be happy to explain it to you upon request!

If you’re still unsure about which way to go, discuss with your prospective photographer. They’ll be able to advise you based on your particular vision for the day.

And of course, reach out anytime if you have more questions about why a solo wedding photographer might be the right choice for you!